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Classified What can’t be posted on myCashCow">Classified What can’t be posted on myCashCow

| Posting Policy | 27-03-2014

See below for a list of items that are prohibited on myCashCow (see below the list for further information on some prohibited items).

The following list is not intended to be exhaustive:

  1. Illegal items and services
  2. Items which encourage or facilitate illegal activity
  3. Stolen property
  4. Selling or offering services for medicine in general or pharmaceutical
  5. Prescription drugs and devices
  6. Non-prescription drugs, drugs that make false or misleading treatment claims, or treatment claims that require Therapeutic Goods Administration approval
  7. Illegal drugs, controlled substances, substances and items used to manufacture controlled substances and drugs and any drug paraphernalia
  8. Illegal telecommunication and electronics equipment, e.g. access cards, password sniffers, radar scanners, traffic signal control devices or cable descramblers
  9. GPS and mobile phone jammers and mobile phone boosters
  10. Lottery tickets, sweepstakes entries and pokie machines
  11. Bodily fluids or body parts
  12. Ads selling adoption or surrogacy
  13. Prostitution and escort services or ads that offer or indicate sex, sexual favours or sexual actions in exchange for anything
  14. Identity documents, personal financial records or other personal information
  15. Burglary tools
  16. Counterfeit products including knock-off brand products
  17. Items protected by Copyright
  18. Embargoed goods
  19. Hazardous materials including radioactive, toxic and explosive materials
  20. Offensive material
  21. Material that is obscene, pornographic, adult in nature or harmful to minors including pictures containing nudity
  22. Material that infringes copyright, including software or other digital goods which you are not authorised to sell
  23. Personal information or mailing lists, e.g. bulk email lists, Internet Protocol (IP), Instant Messenger (IM), or mailing lists that contain names, addresses, phone numbers, or other personal identifying information
  24. Any tools or software designed predominantly to send unsolicited commercial messages (i.e. spam)
  25. Endangered or protected species of animal, or any part of any endangered or protected species
  26. Pesticides or hazardous materials
  27. Plants and insects that are restricted or regulated
  28. Recalled items
  29. Stocks and other securities
  30. Tobacco products
  31. Used cosmetics
  32. Used or rebuilt batteries or batteries containing mercury
  33. Fireworks, destructive devices or explosives
  34. Australia Post postage stamps intended for re-use
  35. Items issued to any Armed Force that have not been disposed of in accordance with that country’s demilitarisation policies
  36. Police and Emergency Services related items
  37. Government and Transit badges, uniforms, IDs, documents or licenses
  38. Weapons and related items (including, but not limited to firearms, firearm accessories, parts and magazines, ammunition, paintball guns, BB and pellet guns, spear guns, tear gas, teasers, stun guns, switchblade knives, martial arts weapons, archery and/or bow and arrow equipment)

Unfortunately as thousands of ads are posted on myCashCow every hour, we cannot manually screen each ad before it appears on the site.

We rely on you, the user, to help us by reporting bad ads by clicking the ‘Report this Ad’ icon below the item photo.

While we encourage our users to be vigilant, myCashCow has also invested in the latest technology for the detection of any activities that violate our policies.

It is the responsibility of the seller to adhere to myCashCow policies and Terms of Use.

We reserve the right to remove or refuse content at our discretion. Listing fees (if applicable) are non-refundable.

More information:

Therapeutic Goods

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) broadly defines therapeutic goods as products for use in humans in connection with:

  • preventing, diagnosing, curing or alleviating a disease, ailment, defect or injury
  • influencing inhibiting or modifying a physiological process
  • testing the susceptibility of persons to a disease or ailment
  • influencing, controlling or preventing conception
  • testing for pregnancy

This includes things that are:

  • used as an ingredient or component in the manufacture of therapeutic goods; or
  • used to replace or modify of parts of the anatomy

Any therapeutic goods, unless exempt, advertised on myCashCow must be entered as Registered or Listed. They must have their Aust L or Aust R, respectively, listed in the ad description. As required by the TGA, all registered medicines must display their Aust R number on their label and all listed medicines must list their Aust L number on their label.


Listing tobacco, including smokeless tobacco, cigarettes and cigars is prohibited. Tobacco related items such as lighters may be posted with the exception of ice pipes, bongs or other drug paraphernalia.

Controlled drugs

All controlled or prescription drugs (herbal or chemical) are prohibited on myCashCow. Ice pipes, bongs or other drug paraphernalia is also prohibited, regardless of the intended use.


Alcohol may only be listed on myCashCow is you have a valid license and said license allows you to. myCashCow may verify your license, but is under no obligation to. If myCashCow is not satisfied that you are entitled to sell alcohol, we may remove any ads without notification. If necessary, you must cooperate with any myCashCow request to provide further proof in relation to your license to sell alcohol.

If you do list alcohol on myCashCow you must (on each ad):

  • ensure all sales of alcohol comply with relevant laws;
  • comply alcohol advertisement rules and guidelines; and
  • ensure no alcohol is purchased by or delivered to anyone under the legal age to purchase alcohol.
  • display your license number
  • display the following: “It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or to obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years.”


All food advertised on myCashCow, must comply with Food Safety Standards.

Packaging food

  • the packaging material used must be fit for its intended purpose;
  • the packaging material used must be considered unlikely to cause food contamination; and
  • any threat of contamination must be removed during the packaging process.

Transporting food

During transportation:

  • all food must be protected from the likelihood of contamination;
  • all potentially hazardous food must be transported under the required temperature control; and
  • all potentially hazardous food which is intended to be transported frozen, must remain frozen during transportation.

Restricted plants and noxious weeds

It is your responsibility to ensure that any plants listed on myCashCow are not known noxious weeds or restricted. Noxious weeds and restricted plants are not to be listed on myCashCow.

Used clothing

Used clothing may be listed but must be clean before handing over to the buyers. Used underwear and swimwear (including children’s) is prohibited. Cloth nappies/diapers are also prohibited.


You must not list any illegal animals or wildlife on myCashCow. You must not list any animals considered a restricted breed or species under the Commonwealth Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956.

Pets can be listed on myCashCow. Most pets must be at least 8 weeks old before they can be sold. It is your responsibility to ensure you are following laws relating to vaccination, micro-chipping and de-sexing.

Animal traps

Working steel jaw or foothold animal traps must not be listed on myCashCow.

Steel jaw or foothold animal traps may only be listed on myCashCow if they are fully disabled or no longer operable. The inoperability of the trap must be clearly described in the item description.

Items protected by Copyright and counterfeit products (including knock-off brand products)

You must not list items or include content which breaches copyright (including intellectual property rights). Counterfeits are prohibited on myCashCow. It is your responsibility to ensure items are authentic. If you are unsure if an item is genuine, do not list it.

Downloadable media or digital products

Items that can be digitally downloaded are allowed on myCashCow. The seller of any digital product must own all intellectual property rights or be an authorised distributor of the product.


Software which accesses myCashCow’s website or database (directly or indirectly) is prohibited.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) software 

OEM software (e.g. the third-party software that comes with a digital camera, printer or scanner) is prohibited unless listed with the specific accompanying hardware.

Ticket scalping

Tickets re-sold over their face value are prohibited on myCashCow. No tickets may be listed as an auction.

Lock smithing devices

You must not advertise any lock picking or lock smithing device including key cutters on myCashCow.

Weapons and related items

Weapons, knives and firearms must not be listed on myCashCow with the exception of some knives. Knives posted on myCashCow must comply with current Australian laws.

Any firearms, including collectable, antique or replica firearms are prohibited on myCashCow, regardless if the holder is licensed or if the firearm is inoperable. Firearm parts are also prohibited on myCashCow.

Any and all projectiles (including ammunition and bullets), whether live or not, are prohibited on myCashCow. Ammunition parts are also prohibited.

Sellers must not list any items that are deemed to be prohibited weapons.

Postage stamps intended for re-use

Used and “washed” Australia Post postage stamps offered for sale and intended for re-use, are prohibited. Any ad offering the sale of uncancelled stamps must include a warning that draws buyers’ attention to section 471.5 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code: Section 471.5 of the Criminal Code Act (1995) (Commonwealth) states that “A person is guilty of an offence if the person dishonestly uses for postal services a postage stamp that has been previously used for postal services”.

Police and Emergency Services items
(including uniforms)

Official or recent issue Police or Emergency Services equipment (including uniforms) is prohibited, regardless of origin.

Antique, historic or collectable Police or Emergency Services items must either be a minimum of 75 years old or issued by an organisation which no longer operates and in no way resembles official or recent issue items.

Real Estate

Real estate can be advertised on myCashCow however items sold are not legally binding.  Listing real estate on myCashCow is a way to advertise to potential buyers.

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Classified What are the General posting rules">Classified What are the General posting rules

| Posting Policy | 27-03-2014

At myCashCow we want to make every user’s experience as friendly, easy and secure as possible so we adhere to the myCashCow General Posting Policies.

  • By using myCashCow you agree that you are at least 18 years of age.
  • The information you submit to myCashCow is solely your responsibility. You are responsible for any consequences resulting from your post/s on myCashCow. We reserve the right to remove or refuse content at our discretion. We also reserve the right to, at our discretion, restrict or delete a user either temporarily or permanently. We also reserve the right to refuse a user’s registration, entirely at our discretion.  For more on this see our Terms of Use.

Reasons for ads being deleted:

  • The ad breaches myCashCow policies or Terms of Use
  • The ad breaches Australian law
  • The item for sale is not allowed to be sold on myCashCow
  • The ad is a duplicate
  • The ad is posted under the wrong category
  • The ad is abusive, uses inappropriate language or has inappropriate content
  • The ad is posted from overseas
  • The ad is posted in a language other than English and doesn’t include an English translation
  • The ad is not descriptive enough
  • The ad is discriminatory
  • The ad is selling body parts/bodily fluids, adoption or surrogacy
  • The ad has been reported and confirmed as fraudulent

Why an ad is deleted:

  • The ad has been reported to us. When an ad is reported to us it is temporarily suspended until it can be reviewed by us. If we decide the ad does not violate any posting policies or our Terms of Use the ad will be reactivated.
  • The ad has been removed via our moderation tools. Ads can be identified as inappropriate via our automatic moderation tools as violating our posting policies or Terms of Use. These ads will not be displayed on myCashCow.

Generally, we will notify you if your ad has been removed. If you believe your ad has been wrongfully removed please contact us.

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